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Find a new growth engine in worldwide patent big data!

Find a new growth engine in worldwide patent big data! -The Korean Intellectual Property Office launches National Patent Big Data Center- -Full-scale use of patent analysis for establishment of industrial policy and R&D planning-

At 2 p.m. on June 18 (Thursday), the Korean Intellectual Property Office (‘KIPO’), along with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, announced that it will open the "National Patent Big Data Center" within the Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (‘KISTA’) (Korea Intellectual Property Service Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul) and establish strategies to discover and foster promising future technologies based on patent analysis. By analyzing 450 million patents around the world in various ways, the competitiveness and investment direction of competing countries or companies can be ascertained and predicted, and effective R&D direction, investment direction, and market entry strategy for Korean industry can also be derived therefrom. In relation to this, KIPO launched the National Patent Big Data Center to scientifically and objectively enhance the competitiveness of the nation's industries based on patent big data that is a repository of advanced technology information. Through the National Patent Big Data Center, KIPO plans to produce and provide by 2022 key information by industry and technology, including monitoring and analyzing of patent trends by industry, detecting crisis signals, and other key information on 17 major new industries such as artificial intelligence (AI) and futuristic cars and 10 major heavy industries such as shipbuilding and chemicals, as well provide information and analysis for social problems closely related to people's lives. Following the five major areas of display, bio and health, hydrogen industry, system semiconductors, and next-generation batteries that were focused on last year, industrial innovation strategies based on patent big data such as promising future technologies for five new industries, including AI, IoT home appliances, renewable energy, future cars, and unmanned aerial vehicles, will be provided. In addition, through analysis of patents related to social issues such as infectious diseases and climate change, technical solutions such as discovery of candidate materials for development of COVID-19 treatments and vaccines and technologies for responding to climate change will be uncovered. By the second half of this year, it is also planned to have an online platform to collect various patent analysis results that are currently scattered among various domestic and foreign institutions and provide them to the public and private sectors. This online platform will provide key patents or corporate information discovered through patent analysis to financial institutions or investors to help them find promising intellectual property and companies. As the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is currently pushing for "industrial intelligentization" that promotes use of AI and big data in major industries to add value, opening up and sharing public industrial data* such as patents is expected to play a major role in the digital transformation of industries. * Public industry data: patents, R&D, testing and certification, energy, technology transactions, etc. In the future, the results of patent analysis from the Patent Big Data Center will not only be used for "industrial intelligentization" to promote digital transformation by industry, but will also be actively used to plan industrial technology R&D centered on promising patent technologies. At the Patent Big Data Forum, which was held together with an opening ceremony, the public and private sectors agreed to join hands to strengthen the utility of patent big data for finding new growth engines, from the R&D planning stage to commercialization, and investment strategies. KIPO, along with related agencies that participated as advisors, will strengthen cooperation for analysis and utilization of patent big data (R&D specialists such as the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (‘KEIT’)), joint research on industry, technology and patents (Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (‘KIET’)), joint support projects for small and medium-sized enterprises (Korea Industrial Technology Association ‘KOITA’)), expanding the role and market for private patent information analysis companies (Korea Association for Intellectual Property Services (‘KAIPS’)), introducing private AI and big data technologies (Kakao Enterprise), discovery of promising patents and companies, and investment (Intellectual Discovery).

[Source: KIPO]

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