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Maximize IP value, Increase your profit​


To fulfill our motto, we maximize the value of our clients' precious ideas by providing comprehensive services from application through to allowance for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, both in Korea and in foreign countries, by utilizing separate teams centered around patent attorneys specializing in the applicable fields.
When an application is prepared for filing in Korea on the basis of an application made in a foreign country, accurate translation is essential not only for obtaining a right but also for the enforcement of such right after it has been obtained. With that in mind, we endeavor to render high-quality translation from the three standpoints of language, technology and law.
When an office action is issued from the Korean IP Office (KIPO), the grounds for rejection are carefully analyzed on the basis of Acts and precedents in order to secure the widest possible scope of right when a response is made.
In addition to typical IP rights such as for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, our services are also provided for other areas such as copyrights, computer programs and semiconductor layout designs for integrated circuits.


Where IP rights are used to drive out competitors or prevail over them in the marketplace, prompt and effective countermeasures taken in an IP-related dispute are vital to the survival of the right of a right holder.


Accordingly, we provide legal services for protection of our clients' interests and rights in civil and criminal lawsuits related to infringement of IP rights in areas such as applications for provisional injunctions, prevention of infringement, compensation for damages, etc.


We have successfully concluded lawsuits in IP rights fields such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and more on behalf of our clients. Our one-stop legal services are provided at reasonable costs through the teaming up of specialty patent attorneys with experienced attorney(s)-at-law.

Expert Opinion

Upon client request, we provide expert opinion on patentability of inventions, invalidations and infringement of IP rights.


Through conducting such evaluations, our patent attorneys have accumulated extensive information and years of experience relevant not only to Korean precedents on patent infringement and invalidation but also to state-of-the-art technology. This valuable information and experience is put to good use in our prosecution and litigation services for our clients.


Today’s environment of rapidly advancing technology gives rise to convergent products in which multiple different technologies are integrated, thus making licensing and transfer of rights agreements ever more important.


Our services related to various types of agreements are provided by attorneys-at-law specializing in IP rights teamed up with specialized patent attorneys. These services include analysis of the value of the rights of our clients and those of third parties, the finding of potential licensees or licensors, negotiation with third parties, and examining or making agreements on licensing and the transfer/acquisition of IP rights.


We conduct searches for documents and analysis thereof for the following reasons:


  • To avoid infringing a third party's IP right  

  • To search for prior art to prevent an IP right from being invalidated or an application from being granted

  • To check on the current status of applications or registrations which may affect a client

  • To check prior art to determine the possibility of allowance for an IP right


We search documents published in Korea, US, Europe, Japan and other major countries by use of professional IP databases and through online searches, etc. Target documents include IP gazettes, papers and various reports, as well as all other available online data.


Our search service does not simply include search for prior art, but covers analysis of literature found, provision of useful statistics and, at the client's request, our analysis thereof.

Updates on the Latest IP Issues

We keep our clients updated on the latest IP issues by providing personal briefings during visits or sending them occasional newsletters.


Issues requiring updates include changes made to Acts or examination guidelines, major new precedents, statistics on IP matters, various relevant news items and important bulletins issued by KIPO and other IP-related organizations.

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