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AI-based patent big data analysis to find innovative growth engines!

AI-based patent big data analysis to find innovative growth engines!

- The Korean Intellectual Property Office newly establishes 'Patent Big Data Office', a venture-type organization

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) announced on July 14 establishment of the Patent Big Data Office, a venture-type organization for establishing an innovative platform that can analyze and utilize patent big data in real time.

The patent big data office was selected at the 2020 Venture-type Organizational Innovation Idea Competition organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. Venture-type organizations are organizations that push for challenging tasks that promote national convenience and innovative growth.

Patent big data involves using technical information for over 450 million cases, and combines R&D trends from companies and research institutes around the world with industrial and market trends.

Last year, KIPO analyzed patent big data and provided it to the public and private sectors for five major industries, display, bio and health, the hydrogen industry, system semiconductors, and next-generation batteries, and it has been used in various ways to establish R&D policies and to discover promising technologies for the future.

The patent big data office is planning to establish an innovative platform that analyzes and utilizes patent big data in real time by combining advanced big data analysis methods and new artificial intelligence technologies.

It plans to match the classification of patents divided into 260,000 technologies with classification of industrial technologies and select valid patent documents using artificial intelligence to provide real-time industry-specific patent databases.

Further, it will effectively explore emerging technologies by industry sector through utilizing big data and artificial intelligence and develop functions that automatically analyze patent information by country, company, and technology.

In addition, the government plans to open a patent big data analysis platform to promote public data utilization in line with the government's Digital New Deal policy.

Users will be able to analyze patent big data in three dimensions according to various analysis standards, and an open analysis platform that visualizes analysis results with bubble charts and multi-dimensional scale methods will be provided.

Individuals, start-ups and others will analyze patent information easily according to desired criteria to find innovative ideas to develop, and financial institutions or investors will be able to make strategic investments based on analysis of information on promising companies and key patents.

"We will efficiently support the establishment of national R&D strategies by providing a platform that can analyze patent big data, which is the core data of the fourth industrial revolution, in real time," said an official in charge of innovation and administration at the Korean Intellectual Property Office. " As companies, schools and individuals, etc. easily utilize patent big data, we expect to create innovative industries and new services."

[Source: KIPO]


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