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KIPO introduces artificial intelligence (AI) to trademark and design examinations

Korea Intellectual Property Office introduces artificial intelligence (AI) to trademark and design examinations - an AI-based trademark and design search system is being opened to accelerate digital transformation -

The Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) announced that it will start service on Feb. 15 to complete the development of a trademark and design image retrieval system using AI technology for examination and trial purposes. With the launch of the system, the existing method of searching thousands of images per examination with the naked eye has been revolutionized for the trademark and design examiner, greatly reducing the time required for examination and improving examination accuracy. In order to establish an AI-based image search system, more than 2 million trademark and design images owned by KIPO were used as AI learning data, and two years of research, demonstration, implementation and pilot operation were gone through. The main function of the image search system is to compare an applied image with previously registered images and then show the results in order of similarity. In particular, it is noteworthy that it is possible to search by recognizing a partial image among images in which multiple parts are combined. For example, when searching for an image of a bag, similar images can be retrieved at once for the exterior of the bag, the logo and characters printed on the bag. In addition, classification of trademarks and designs is automatically recommended by AI in order to help specify classification codes. Meanwhile, KIPO completed the application of AI technology to digitalize written documents, translate overseas patent documents, and recognize patent drawing codes last year. This year, it is researching and developing a public counseling chatbot*, intelligent patent search and automatic classification, etc. * Chatbot: Computer program or artificial intelligence with the ability to communicate via text or voice A roadmap to improve the efficiency of examinations and trial operations by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) technology in patent administration in general is being implemented and the transition to digital government is being accelerated. "We will be able to support speedy and accurate examinations by applying AI technology to trademark and design image searches. Going forward, we will continue to promote the digital transformation of intellectual property administration by using AI and big data," said the Director of Information Customer Support of KIPO.

[Source: KIPO]


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